A CLACKS man who repeatedly phoned the 999 service and became abusive to call handlers has received a prison sentence.

Gary Watt, formerly of Sauchie, was already serving a prison term as he appeared by video-link at Alloa Sheriff Court last Thursday.

He admitted that on August 24, last year, at his then home at Lochbrae, Sauchie, he adopted an aggressive attitude towards police officers, repeatedly shouted, swore and made offensive remarks.

He also admitted that on January 20, at Hallpark, Alloa, he repeatedly made phone calls to the police service, shouted and swore at the call handler and thereafter acted aggressively towards attending police officers and repeatedly shouted, swore and made derogatory comments.

Depute fiscal Ramsay Cunningham said in the first incident Watt was being taken to Falkirk police station when he became abusive towards officers.

He said: "I hope you die in a car crash. I'll p*** in your grave."

The later offending involved repeated calls to the emergency service in which Watt became abusive.

The calls started at 10.25am and Watt kept phoning back until 1.45am.

He falsely claimed he had gone to Clackmannanshire Bridge and was going to jump off but was at home all the time.

When police went to his house he again became abusive.

His comments included: "I hope you die. I hope your f****** kids die of cancer. I've done f*** all. At court my lawyer will get me off with it."

Defence solicitor Charlotte Watt said alcohol misuse was the cause of her client's offending.

Sheriff Neil Bowie said: "This was egregious behaviour. It was sustained and repeated conduct."

The sheriff jailed Watt for 210 days.