CLACKS people have been encouraged to receive their Covid-19 spring booster.

NHS Forth Valley is encouraging anyone who is eligible for the Covid-19 spring booster and who has not yet come forward to get vaccinated by the end of the month.

These additional vaccinations have been offered to people aged 75 or over and those aged over 12 who are immuno-suppressed, with clinics operating since early March until tomorrow, June 30.

Anyone in these groups who has not yet come forward can attend a drop-in clinic, book online or call the national vaccination helpline seven days a week to make an appointment which suits them.

Fiona Coan, NHS Forth Valley's Immunisation Team manager, said: "Covid-19 continues to circulate and it remains crucial that those most at risk of severe effects from the virus protect themselves by getting their spring booster vaccination.

"Immunity from the vaccine wanes over time and the booster provides important additional protection.

"I'd urge anyone aged 75 or over, or anyone aged 12 or over who is severely immuno-suppressed to come forward for their spring booster before the end of June if they haven't already done so."

Health Secretary Humza Yousaf added: "Vaccination has been our most effective tool against coronavirus and I am pleased so many people have come forward for their spring booster.

"Almost 90 per cent of over 75s and around two thirds of those who are aged over 12 and are immuno-suppressed have already taken up the offer.

"We are seeing higher numbers of infections across our communities at the moment which is why booster vaccination is needed to maintain the best protection against Covid-19 for those at highest risk.

"We continue to encourage everyone to receive the doses they are eligible for as and when they become available."

Anyone who has missed their vaccination appointment can attend a drop-in clinic, visit nhsinform.scotor call 0800 030 8013.