A RISING Clacks blues star is set to embark on a range of fundraising challenges in a bid to perform his “dream gig” in Mississippi.

Iain Donald, who performs as The Gator, has been presented with the “opportunity of a lifetime” after being invited to perform at the Alice Mae Festival in the town of Ripley, Mississippi, next October.

The Alloa man has been channeling his hardships into music and is desperate to generate the £5,000 needed to make it to the festival, where he was invited by organising artist Garry Burnside.

Iain, 36, told the Advertiser: “I worked in a job I hated most of my adult life and always been a musician in between doing something I hate.

“My mum died a few years ago and then my dad died only recently.

“It just made me realise life runs out really quickly and before you know it, you missed all these opportunities.”

Iain had to go off sick from work but started focusing on his musical abilities in the meantime.

It healed his soul and with some luck, people started to take notice of his talents.

“The next thing I know, we interviewed Garry Burnside for a radio show I do with my partner,” he continued.

“After, he saw a video of me playing and said: 'Man, I'd love you to come play at my festival if that's possible'.”

Garry Burnside, who is credited with inventing Hill Country blues, is one of the youngest sons of blues singer, songwriter and guitarist RL Burnside.

It is a lifetime opportunity for Iain, who has been gaining recognition with his delta blues.

As part of the fundraising effort, he is planning to scale Dumyat to play his delta blues there, he is keen to take on sponsored walks, will challenge himself by going sober for a month and more.

He is also taking fundraising ideas from fans and committed himself to waxing in front of everyone if he hits the target.

Iain mused: “Now, I'm a very hairy guy, so you can imagine...”

Visit bit.ly/3y8HZWb to support the fundraiser.