WEE COUNTY children and young people from low income families are benefiting from £100,000 worth of targeted activities over the school holidays.

Clackmannanshire Council said it is investing the sum to deliver high quality childcare activities in what is its most comprehensive Summer of Wellbeing programme to date.

Activities which include sports, arts, creative therapies, camping, gaming, outings and family events are being delivered by established community partners and council services and include food as well as support households that are particularly adversely impacted by poverty.

Wee County schools have nominated children and young people to attend summer events and partners have also allocated spaces on events through their own contacts.

The programme is part of Clackmannanshire's Family Wellbeing Partnership which is focused on improving the wellbeing and capabilities of families and young people, working with them to support what matters to them.

Funding has also been released by the council to provide direct payments to targeted families to self-direct their summer holiday and food plans.

The local authority explained this approach was transformative last year and families used the funding creatively and collaboratively to great effect.

The range of activities offered for children and young people with additional support needs has been extended to ensure the summer programme is increasingly inclusive.

A group of parents and council staff have also formed the project group Without Exception, supported by the partnership, to explore how best to support the out of school provision for children and young people with profound and complex needs.

The council said plans have been strengthened through workshops with The Lens and these "intrapreneurs" are working closely with Promoting a More Inclusive Society (PAMIS) to co-create a sustainable model of out of school opportunities.