A WEE COUNTY youth charity’s summer programme came to an end last week with a community day.

Connect’s five-week summer programme ended with a day for the community to come and see what the charity does and how it supports and encourages the young people who attend.

Dave Crozier, charity founder and project leader at Connect, said: “The community day was part of what the young people wanted to do as part of our summer programme to let other people see what they do and show off their favourite parts at Connect.

“The whole summer programme was planned by the young people and then tweaked by the staff.”

Dave continued: “It went really well, the fact that we had so many young people coming along to take part in the day and support the day was fantastic.

“We probably had around 16 young people coming along and then a few others filtered through later on.

“One of the young people has their food hygiene certificate so he was really excited to be running the kitchen and doing the teas and coffees. Others were going around and chatting to community members.

“The young people decided the stalls they wanted including a merchandise stall, a Dungeons and Dragons stall, face painting and a 3D printer too to show a small sample of what we do.”

Dave added: “What really blew me away was when I said to the guys I needed some help, three hands went up straight away or you’d have kids doing it without asking.

“Everyone really grabbed the bull by the horns and said, ‘This is Connect, this is how we work, this is how we all support each other’.

“We all felt like one big team which is what I try to promote.”

With Connect’s five-week summer programme now over, it’s time for the staff, volunteers and the young people to take a well-earned break.

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