A GROUP of Clacks women are set to climb Britain's highest peak to raise money for charity.

Nicola Taylor, Fiona Thomson, Debbie Burrell, Coral Davies, Caroline Collinson and Kirsteen Stevenson will be climbing Ben Nevis on Saturday, August 27 to raise money for Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome Association and Scottish Autism in honour of the daughter of one of the group who is affected by CVS and ASD.

Nicola Taylor, who climbed the peak last year, told the Advertiser: "The idea behind it is that the little girl goes through challenges every day, it's a journey as she discovers all her different neuro-diverse complexities and navigates and works her way through them.

"We wanted to set ourselves a similar challenge and there's no bigger challenge than climbing Ben Nevis."

The group have been supported so far by Clackmannan PS and the parent council, who have held challenges with pupils and other ventures to raise funds.

Nicola said: "We also just done a bingo tea which we done in conjunction with the parent council to raise additional funds and raised just over £900.

"We've been overwhelmed by the support of the community and the parent council at Clackmannan Primary School."

While Nicola and Caroline have climbed the 4,413ft of Ben Nevis before, it will be a first time for others.

Nicola continued: "It will be quite a challenge. One of us is quite fit, she's a fitness instructor outwith her day job but the rest of us are pretty much novices.

"One of the girls has climbed it many years ago when she was much younger. I climbed it last year, also for charity, so I guess I'll be the one spurring everyone on.

"We're all slightly apprehensive about doing it but the reason that we're doing it will be enough to push us all on.

"We've been doing walks to prepare.

"We haven't done any Munros but we've climbed Dumyat a few times, Ben A'an and other local walks."

Regardless of how difficult the climb is, or how long it takes, the group will power on in the hope of raising as much money as possible for the good causes.

Speaking on the daughter they're raising the money for, Nicola said: "She's just an absolute ray of sunshine, she never lets anything get in her way or stop her.

"Cyclical vomiting syndrome is a very, very rare disease, she's only one of a handful of people in the UK who suffer from it.

"That in itself is an extreme challenge that she faces constantly and then to have a neuro-diverse condition on top of that as well but she lets absolutely nothing faze her.

"She's the funniest, brightest [and] most charming girl you'll ever come across."

Visit justgiving.com/team/nevisnovices to donate to the group's fundraiser.