THREE Wee County men are set to cycle more than 200 miles in four days for charity.

Jason Frew, Scott Doyle and Stuart Hall will be taking on the enormous challenge this week to raise money for the Ochil Mountain Rescue Team (OMRT) and the Rotary Club of Alloa’s charities.

Both Jason and Scott are Rotarians and have been involved in charity ventures before, including ‘Breaking the Law’ last year.

Jason told the Advertiser: “My friend Scott and I are members of the Rotary Club of Alloa and occasionally we do a bit of fundraising to help out. Because we both have jobs we’re not able to attend as many of the club meetings as we’d like so we try to find a different way to contribute by doing some charity work for the Rotary.

“The day after Breaking the Law we were trying to think of something else to do. Initially, we were going to canoe down through Loch Ness, through the canal into Fort William, cycle the West Highland Way and then canoe to the Falkirk Wheel.

“The way the wind blows it was going to be a bit more challenging. It wouldn’t be impossible but all the canoeing expeditions that do that kind of stuff go the opposite direction and do it in seven days and we just didn’t have time.”

It was then that the idea to cycle the journey was born.

Jason, who returns from Ibiza the day before the trip, continued: “We’ll cycle it. We’re getting the train on August 11 to Inverness then cycling straight home. We’ve got four days to do it.

“I don’t know what we were thinking: we must be off our nuts.”

The group will cycle south from Inverness along the 78-mile-long Great Glen Way gravel path into Fort William. From there they will head south again on the West Highland Way with a further 96 miles of gravel before another 30 or so miles back to the Wee County.

Jason admits that while they’re capable, they’re not experts. However, they’ll push through to give thanks to the great causes.

He continued: “We’re mountain bikers, certainly not road bikers. How hard can it be? 45-50 miles on average a day.

“We’ve just got to push through the midges, the rain, the wind, the wet.

“We’re capable but I wouldn’t say we’re terribly fit cyclists.

“We couldn’t go mountain biking up the Ochils without knowing we’ve got the backing of the OMRT.

“We couldn’t possibly put our lives in jeopardy without them being there.”

Scott added: “I’ve been a hill walker for 25 years and you know that if anything does happen to you on the hill you know OMRT are there to help you. They’re fantastic.”

Visit to donate to the fundraiser.