A MENSTRIE couple celebrated their Diamond wedding anniversary last week with a family meal.

Tom and Joyce Barrie celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on Thursday, August 4.

The couple met at the Plaza dancehall in Stirling and have now lived in Menstrie for the past 29 years.

They have one son, John, two grandchildren, Claire and Emma, and five great-grandchildren between the ages of 11 and three years old.

Catriona, the couple's daughter-in-law, told the Advertiser about the family's day of celebration.

She said: "We had a small family gathering where we went to The River House in Stirling for a lovely afternoon tea.

"We had a queen's telegram which just tickled them pink and we had a lovely cake made by Heavenly Bakes Cakes in Alloa – they did an amazing job, it was lovely.

"It was a quiet affair but very much appreciated. We're up staying for a few weeks, we live in England now, so it was great."

Catriona continued: "They're a lovely couple who've reached this amazing milestone.

"They've not been able to travel abroad for the last four or five years but they've had some amazing adventures.

"Myself and my husband have went with them on lots of lovely cruises.

"We've travelled all over the world, places like America, the Caribbean, Europe and we've got lots and lots of happy memories.

"And all over Scotland and England too. I think, up until around five years ago when ill health made one of them a little more immobile, they were very, very active and loved travelling and being with their family."

Nowadays, the couple are enjoying the quiet life, spending time with their loved ones.

Catriona said: "It's just about spending quality time with family, celebrating the small things which are really the most important things."

After 60 years of marriage, Catriona shared the couple's secret to a long and happy partnership.

She said: "I think they would definitely say it's a solid foundation of friendship, patience and humour.

"They met at the dancehall in Stirling dancing to the Syd Kerr Orchestra and they absolutely love to dance. We were listening to lots of songs yesterday from the past.

"Very much friendship, patience, humour and compromise."