A CALL has been made for the Wee County's new wellbeing hub to feature a hydrotherapy pool.

Children and young people with disabilities and additional support needs could benefit from a hydropool facility, something currently available at Alloa Academy.

However, a Clacks mother is arguing a stand-alone hydropool at the wellbeing hub, for which a site in the west of Alloa has been agreed, could benefit more families more often with already high demand for the pool at the academy.

Kerrie Keen, mother to Cooper Keen who lives with hydrocephalus – build-up of fluid in the brain – and has quadriplegic cerebral palsy along with dystonia and epilepsy, told the Advertiser how a hydropool can help with the nine-year-old's medical needs.

She said there has been an issue at the academy with staff unable to use the hoist, which enables children like Cooper who is in a wheelchair full-time to access the pool, but this has recently been resolved.

Cooper, pictured with twin brother to Lucas, attends Lochies School and in selecting the so-called Pavilion site for the wellbeing hub, councillors explained there is a possibility for a joint development, featuring a new Lochies.

Kerrie told the Advertiser: "It needs to be an inclusive facility. There's just nothing else for kids with disabilities.

"It's not just my son. I don't know obviously how many kids in Lochies, but probably 90 per cent of kids would benefit from a hydropool.

"It would be completely ridiculous to build a facility next to a new school and having to travel away or not have access."

Alternatively, perhaps the new school itself could house such a pool, she explained.

As reported this month, a greenfield site off Smithfield Loan in Alloa for the wellbeing hub has been selected.

Councillors also voted for detailed plans to be brought back with a wide range of facilities to be included, but council papers had not specified a hydrotherapy pool.

However, the design process is still in the early stages with detailed plans to come back in front of councillors for approval alongside a budget.

Cllr Scott Harrison, spokesperson for sport, leisure and active living, said: "The new wellbeing hub provides the opportunity to consider the facilities that are most needed by our communities and we are in the early stages of the design process as well as developing options for a new Lochies School.

"The provision of facilities like a hydrotherapy pool will be carefully considered within this process."

Hydrotherapy pools can benefit the wellbeing of children and young people with a range of disabilities and health conditions.

It is understood such a facility can have a positive effect on neuro-muscular junctions and can assist the movement of joints in a multi-sensory environment.