MASTERPIECE paintings inspired by theatre plays in the Wee County are currently being exhibited in Edinburgh by a Clacks artist.

Sculptor, set-builder and designer, painter as well as all-round creative genius Walter Awlson is displaying the pieces at the capital's Morningside Gallery.

Featuring well and lesser known plays, all performed by Alloa's Alman Drama Club, Walter's display charts the club's and his personal journey on canvas with stunning effect.

Over the years, Walter has designed and painted sets with the Alman construction team, including Ron Mennie, Davey Dobbie, David Hunter, Jim Allan amongst others.

He recorded the club's productions with photographs and now with some action-filled paintings with the 17 works currently the centre-piece at the gallery.

Bringing together all of Walter’s interests and skills, the paintings not only feature the dramatic scenes of the plays but also the stage sets that he has designed and helped to build over the last 12 years.

Gerry Docherty, chair of the drama club, told the Advertiser: “While we have benefitted from Walter’s set designs for a good number of years, the truth is that we have begun to take them for granted.

“But for us its a reminder of fantastic productions because his action frames swarm with memories and laughter.

“Oh the opening night, 20 to 30 club members filled the gallery and immediately began to reminisce about the shows he has caught so perfectly on canvas.”

Productions such as The Lady Killers, A Christmas Carol, Men should Weep, Tartuffe, The Silver Darlings, The Cemetery Club, Macbeth and Othello have been put onto canvas with Walter demonstrating extensive technical and artistic skill and talent.

The exhibition opened earlier on Friday, August 5, and it is understood the works will be up at the gallery until the end of the month.

Walter Awlson studied at Edinburgh College of Art from 1967 to 1971, graduating with a degree in Furniture Design.

He went on to complete a teaching postgraduate which led to a career in education across secondary schools and in further education.

In 1991, Walter left teaching to focus on figurative painting and sculpture and has exhibited extensively in galleries across the UK.

He has won numerous awards such as the SPA Alastair Dunn Award and the Clackmannanshire Arts Forum award for Outstanding Contribution to the Arts.

The past decade or so has seen his focus shift toward theatre set design and construction and he has come full circle as he put the works on canvass.

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