ONGOING works to upgrade Alva's main stretch, along with four weeks of weekend road closures to come, have hit trade according to disgruntled shop owners.

Plans to regenerate and refurbish the town's Stirling Street were announced in 2021, as reported then, following community engagement.

Still incomplete, the upgrades have been causing ongoing traffic disruption and some traders have contacted the Advertiser to highlight the impact on businesses.

Starting this weekend, the issues will be compounded by four weeks of road closures on Saturdays and Sundays, with traders explaining they only found out when a statutory notice was published in the Advertiser last week.

Trevor Fairley, owner at Cheezie's Coonty Candy, told the Advertiser: "Since April last year, we have had renovations to our main street, which we were led to believe would be finished for the start of this summer.

"These works are still on going, much to the disappointment of local business owners, as it has been a constant struggle to get custom throughout these works.

"Further to our disappointment, we had to find out via your print that we had further restrictions to face with the closure of our street for the next four weekends starting [this weekend].

"An absolute shocker from Clacks Council and a kick in the face that we can't even be consulted on these major developments and had to find out via your paper."

The past years have been tough for traders.

Trevor explained: "First Covid, then these roadworks, it just feels like we've not had a chance to give the business the proper push it needs because of all these obstacles and then this has just pushed a lot of the shop owners over the edge to be fair."

His words were echoed by Charlaine Dunham at Little Owls Eats & Treats, where business at the cosy café has been "heavily impacted".

She said: "We have people specifically say that they have avoided Alva due to the disruption, which is not good for business as many of my customers travel."

The trader said she tried to contact the council about the issue to be told she would be called back, only to later find out that she would receive a letter this week.

Charlaine, who with a few exceptions works seven days to keep the business afloat, added: "The entire thing is farcical.

"People don't visit a place because it has nice pavements – they visit a place because of the shops, cafes, parks, amenities."

A council spokesperson said: "The resurfacing works in Stirling Street, Alva, are scheduled to be completed by mid September, with work being carried out at weekends to minimise disruption.

"We publish all our schedules of works on our website and in local media.

"We would urge anyone with any questions about scheduled works to get in touch by email at"