A CLACKS estate which has diversified into tourism as part of an extensive regeneration journey have expanded its offering of holiday accommodation.

The Brucefield Estate, which secured planning permission for holiday accommodation last year, has launched three contemporary bothies at the site.

The approximately 425ha country estate, which boasts around 185ha of woodland, lies between the A977 on the north and the A907on the south, around 5km east of Clackmannan.

Owners have built a trio of Scottish timber and Scandi-inspired modern cabins to complement the estate's luxury self-catered cottage Slackbrae.

The bothies can be found in the heart of the tranquil estate, which is seeking to meet growing demand for technology-free tourism.

The cosy bothies cater for up to two guests and have been built with sustainability in mind.

The estate’s 10-year wildlife plan, conserving and protecting the wildlife on the land, inspired the names of the eco-bothies.

Tod, Mertrick, and Brock are the Scottish terms for fox, badger, and pine marten respectively, all of which can be found on the estate.

A largely untouched country estate, which has a rich landscape of architectural history and unique ancestry dating back 700 years, owners at Brucefield have been conducting conservation work since 2012.

That year saw the return of biologist Victoria Bruce-Winkler to the grounds and she has been passionate about regenerating the land ever since.

She previously said: “We have been working tirelessly for the last 10 years with ecologists and conservationists to preserve the unique heritage of the estate.

"Our vision is to create an estate where people can come and relax, explore the heritage of the estate and surround themselves with nature."