A WEE COUNTY man is accused of turning up at a primary school wearing a horror mask and gesturing at children as though he had a weapon.

The case against Robert Hanley was heard at Alloa Sheriff Court by video link on Monday, September 5.

He is alleged to have attended at the Alloa school, on June 11, 2022, wearing "a Halloween horror mask and black gloves".

Prosecutors also claim he then approached a group of children and gestured as if he was in possession of a weapon.

He is also accused of repeatedly striking his head against the school windows and acted in an aggressive and intimidating manner during the daytime incident, as well as then seizing a 15-year-old boy by the neck.

Hanley, of Sunnyside Road, also Alloa, is charged with assaulting the teenager and committing a statutory breach of the peace.

H appeared in court by video link from Low Moss Prison.

The 49-year-old denied the charges, and also denied making a bogus 999 call three days later, and using threatening and abusive behaviour towards police who responded.

Defence solicitor Robert Smith asked for the case to be put off until this Thursday, September 8, when, he said, Hanley had other matters also being dealt with.

Sheriff Derek Reekie said he would continue the charges for possible resolution.