AN ALLOA man who was involved in two incidents at neighbour's homes has been jailed.

John Wilkie struck a door with a pick axe and then ten months later brandished a knife at another neighbour.

Wilkie, 54, of Pine Grove, appeared at Alloa Sheriff Court on Thursday, September1, by video-link from prison.

He admitted that on June 13, last year, at Pine Grove, he was unlawfully in possession of a pick axe head.

He also admitted that in a communal stairway he was unlawfully in possession of a knife.

He also repeatedly struck a door with a pick axe, damaging it.

Wilkie further admitted that on April 8, also at Pine Grove, he shouted, acted aggressively, repeatedly banged on a door and brandished a knife at another neighbour.

Depute fiscal Susannah Hutchison said the first incident had been captured on CCTV.

The second incident saw Wilkie banging on a man's door. By the time the man answered his door, Wilkie had gone but he then went to his door.

Wilkie answered it armed with a knife with a four-inch blade which he pointed towards the man and made a comment about "kids running about on the floor."

Defence solicitor Michael Lowrie admitted his client "has a remarkable lack of insight and understanding in anything you talk to him about."

He added: "His position is there are no mental health issues and no addiction issues. I've no doubt there are issues."

Wilkie could be evicted from his home following these incidents, the court was told.

Sheriff Neil Bowie jailed Wilkie for 255 days.