FIFE COUNCIL'S response to a road hazard which caused serious injury has been branded "not good enough" by local councillors.

A Kincardine girl suffered a suspected broken ankle on a stretch of damaged road at Silver Street and Walker Street, near the Co-op.

The condition of the road had been highlighted by the village's community council, who asked for repairs to be carried out four months ago.

Last week, Labour's Graeme Downie and the SNP's Sam Steele, both councillors for West Fife and Coastal Villages have both called for action.

Cllr Downie said: "The community has been warning that it was not in a good state. Sadly, someone has had to be hurt for the council to do a patch job and the patch job that has been done is not good quality.

"They have only patched the minimum piece they had to do and left other holes. It is not good enough.

"My understanding is she was crossing the road and her foot was caught in one of the holes and suffered a suspected broken ankle. They have patched a tiny bit but not the rest of it and the patch job looks like it was rushed.

"People in Kincardine often feel left behind and on the fringes of Fife. Instances like that make them feel more like that. The community are right to be angry."

Both councillors are set to meet transportation officials next week to discuss how the section of road can be repaired as a priority.

"The patch job they have done is more of a trip hazard," added Cllr Steele. "I can get the toe of my Doc Martens right into it. It is horrendous.

"We know there's constraints, we know the budget is tight and we now there's staffing issues but it is that bad that someone has fallen.

"Hopefully, they are going to listen. The whole road needs done, not just a patch-up. The so-called repair is churned up already. It is coming apart and they have only just fixed it."

Fife Council service manager Martin Kingham said he was sorry to hear about the girl's injuries and hopes she makes a speedy and full recovery.

He added: "We repaired the surface as soon as we heard about the incident and we’re including the site in a programme of more extensive repairs.

"In the meantime, we’ll routinely monitor the condition and safety of the surface.”