A MAJOR housing development at Coalsnaughton and Devonside can move into the detailed design phase after being approved in principle.

Planning permission in principle (PPP) has been given by Clackmannanshire Council's Planning Committee for a 11.9 hectare residential development extending between Wardlaw Street and Alexandra Street.

A meeting on Thursday, September 8, heard how the area has an indicative capacity for 240 homes and the development would add an annexe to Coalsnaughton PS.

The council received 10 objections with documents saying that Tillicoultry, Coalsnaughton and Devonside Community Council also submitted a detailed response objecting to certain elements.

Regarding the school annexe, the community council noted that residents expressed a wish for an entirely new school, but council documents explained the existing site cannot cannot accommodate the additional teaching space required and there are no plans in the council’s capital programme to provide a wholly new school.

The proposal, following consultation with the education service would see nursery and up to P3 children in the existing building while P4-7 would move to the annexe 130m to the west.

Concerns over traffic on the narrow Blackfaulds Street were raised in objections and were echoed by Cllr Fiona Law.

It was confirmed that the street would be closed at the end so that there would be no opportunity to drive along it from the development.

Cllr Jane McTaggart raised a concern over affordable housing provision at the site.

It was laid out how developers the Kudos Partnership would contribute £600,000 plus the land for the school annexe and no less than £250,000 toward affordable housing in the area.

Documents also said there would be a minimum of 10 affordable houses.

An officer said that the developers “advised an indicated viability issue”, presenting confidential information as part of the submission.

“This has been assessed by officers and also tested by and independent surveyor,” the chamber heard.

Asking officers, Cllr McTaggart said: “Does the developer intend 240 houses and if so, I'm finding the affordable housing quantity extremely low, which would equate to 2.4 per cent.

“I think we should be pushing for a minimum of 10 per cent from developers given that Clackmannanshire is lacking in affordable housing right now.”

Responding, the officer said: “It's a PPP application, so house numbers are indicative as is the number referred to in the local development plan.”

The next stage will set out the detail, it was explained.

Representatives from the community council asked to be fully kept in the loop as detailed plans emerge while a representative for the developers added: “This will mean the first high quality homes in Coalsnaughton for quite some time along with the community benefits that come with it.”

The permission is for the development to go ahead in principle only and detailed designs will return in front of councillors for final approval.

The proposals are available under 20/00267/PPP.