A ROAD-rage cyclist who assaulted a disabled motorist, dislodging his stoma and kicking his hearing aid up the road, has been jailed for 16 months.

Ian MacMillan, 29, lost his temper after Thomas Johnstone, 59, sounded his horn at him in rush hour traffic in Sauchie.

He stopped and threw his bike down in front of Mr Johnstone's Motability car, shouting and swearing at him.

Stirling Sheriff Court heard Mr Johnstone had to "stop abruptly".

Prosecutor Kristina Kelly said Mr Johnston, who is deaf, without speech, breathes with the aid of a machine, has a tracheotomy in his throat, and has metal plates and pins in his jaw, legs, hips and arms following a road accident, then "alighted from his vehicle and utilised his walking aid by waving it in MacMillan's direction".

MacMillan grabbed the aid and a struggle ensued, during which Mr Johnstone fell to the ground and his throat stoma tube, normally taped in place, "became forcibly dislodged".

MacMillan then punched Mr Johnstone, knocking off his hearing aid and glasses.

Mr Johstone tried to pick up his hearing aid, but MacMillan kicked it further up the road.

Miss Kelly said: "Mr MacMillan was still acting in an aggressive manner. Mr Johnstone got back into his car and drove towards where Mr MacMillan was standing with his bicycle. Due to fear of being struck by the vehicle, Mr MacMillan jumped onto the bonnet."

He then began "jumping on the windscreen" of the Mini Countryman, which cracked.

The court heard there was a danger that the windscreen could collapse completely with Mr Johnstone underneath it, but it did not.

Miss Kelly said police were alerted by other motorists "concerned about the disruption being caused".

Officers arrived and MacMillan was detained.

Mr Johnstone's injuries amounted to "a small scuff on his ankle", and being "sore and stiff".

The opening in his neck, where his stoma tube, normally taped in place, had become dislodged, was red and tender.

MacMillan, of Branshill Park, Sauchie, pleaded guilty to assault under provocation.

The incident occurred at 5.50pm on September 17, 2020, in Parkhead, Sauchie, Clacks.

Last Wednesday, September 14, solicitor Roberto Manini, defending, that witnesses had described Mr Johnstone about to hit MacMillan with his walking aid before MacMillan grabbed it.

He added: "This happened during the pandemic. It was almost as if Mr MacMillan was paranoid all the time. It's his perception of reality that's the problem."

Sheriff Derek Hamilton said he had no alternative but to impose the custodial sentence.

He said: "This was an appalling piece of behaviour involving a disabled person."

MacMillan showed no emotion as he was handcuffed to a security guard and led downstairs to the cells.