THE words just keep flowing for a Tullibody author who has released his second book this year.

Don Green, who publishes under the name Don Galloway, has just released his latest novel The Tales of Riverdell: Nightshift.

It is the first volume in a fresh spin-off series by the author, set in the same universe as his Time-Ryder series.

The latest work builds on Don's experience as a supermarket employee and while the work can be enjoyed without knowledge of his Time-Ryder series, it contains many references.

Don told the Advertiser: “I'm excited, that's two this year and this one just flowed right out.

“The ideas just haven't stopped this year.”

The author has much more to come with ideas already set out for several books with all volumes interconnected.

The works, which Don also released in e-book form, have been gaining traction across the pond according to the author and paperback sales have been steady in the UK as well.

Tales of Riverdell: Nightshift, is a mix of sci-fi, involving time travel, and a bit of comedy, set in a supermarket.

“There's a lot of colourful language and a few characters who are outspoken,” Don continued.

“But it shows that when push comes to shove, they bond together.

“It's different from my Time-Ryder books.”

With its colourful language, the latest book is perhaps more geared towards adults, but anyone can read the original series.

While all books can be enjoyed alone, Don explained they are all interconnected with small and big references throughout.

Tales of Riverdell: Nightshift very much builds on Don's personal experiences working in a retail setting.

He said: “Working nightshift myself many years ago, it's based on wee bits of conversations and all the things people get up to – it is based in truth and there's a content warning at the start of the book.”

Don is already working on his next book, set in 1943, full of intrigue and again connected to the Time-Ryder series.

The Tullibody man, who has also been a resident DJ under Dr Don at the Star in Alloa, has been writing for more than two decades while working full time, releasing his first book in 2013.

There is much more to come, Don has already mapped out stories for some 36 books altogether which could go up to around 50.

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