A CLACKS woman has given up on a 22-year corporate career to chase her fitness instructor dreams.

And Lynne Hall, born and bred in Alva, has never looked back since launching her business Fit22 last month.

The personal trainer is looking to cater to people's fitness needs in a variety of ways, offering her skills face to face, whether that be at her own or at people's home gyms, as well as online.

She previously donned the corporate attire, travelling across the UK as a sales representative in the years leading up to Covid.

But when lockdown hit, Lynne, who always wanted to be a PE teacher but found few opportunities in sport when she was younger, decided to finally retrain and get her personal training qualification.

Lynne told the Advertiser: “I genuinely thought it would probably be more of people having bought equipment during lockdown and got used to working out at home, so I've been blown away by the amount of people that want worked out in my home gym – and also, I've got a couple of clients whom I visit in their home gym.

“Many built their own gyms during lockdown, what they are looking for is the guidance and accountability and a programme to work towards.”

Lynne feels there is a real market for instructors to work with people who are intimidated by a more traditional gym setting, Covid having forced many to think about working out at home.

“I just found that women have been quite curious about strength training," she added.

"The other thing I've been quite shocked at is that it's not all about weight loss, it's this recognition that strength training gives them a lot of improvement in their mental health, you take that strength into discipline, confidence."

While the pandemic may have forced personal trainers to look for something else, it was the opposite for Lynne, who first started the business as a side hustle.

Losing her dad suddenly last year was a sharp reminder of how short life can be and so the 44-year-old decided to finally fulfil her career dreams.

With her knowledge of the business world and lifelong passion for fitness and health, everything lead up to the right moment for change.

Lynne said: “There's opportunities post-Covid for people to really look at what they want in life, but also, Clackmannanshire has changed coming out of Covid, we haven't got the Leisure Bowl.

“I was devastated, because you couldn't get to the gym or any community thing during lockdown.

“There was this one moment I stood in the kitchen and realised: everything else is going to come back, but the Leisure Bowl is not – it's been an institution, a real community.”

Looking ahead, Lynne hopes to catapult the business in January, pushing people to think about more than just shedding the Christmas pounds.

Visit fit22.co.uk for more details.