STAFF at Goodfellas barbers in Tullibody are rallying the community to join them in taking part in the KidsOut Giving Tree appeal for another year.

Colleen Hislop and Lorraine Jack, co-owners of the shop in Tron Court, are leading the charge to bring in as many Christmas presents as they can for those in need.

This is the fourth consecutive year the barbershop has taken part, with Colleen stating the importance of the charity due to the cost of living crisis.

She told the Advertiser: "Initiatives such as these are hugely important as more children will be facing a Christmas in poverty than ever with the rising cost of food and heating.

"This will unfortunately mean a child cannot eat or stay warm or have a Christmas which is extremely sad in this day and age.

"Last year, we did really well despite the Covid pandemic so we are hoping to do the same again.

"We are starting a bit earlier this year, the collection will be done by December 3."

Mairiona McInally-Kier, chief ambassador Scotland for KidsOut, works closely with Goodfellas staff to carry out the collection each year but stresses the importance of this Christmas.

"The barbershop has been terrific over the last few years and it is astonishing what they are able to do," she added.

"We are incredibly grateful to those girls, they seem to have a magic touch.

"We have found that due to the cost of living, families who used to get by are struggling now so we are helping more and more people.

"We are working with many smaller charities and some schools now to make sure we help people that can sometimes be overlooked."

Originating in the early 90s, KidsOut started off as an annual day out for disadvantaged children but has since grown into an official charity.

The Giving Tree project aims to collect presents for refugees who have escaped domestic violence.

A Christmas tree is currently located in Goodfellas with tags detailing present requests.

These tags are kept anonymous but does include the child's age and a brief description of their interests.

The suggestions on the tag can range from bath toys, dolls or a voucher for a store.

Those wanting to help can collect a tag, purchase a gift and then return the bag to Goodfellas for collection.

KidsOut also operate a virtual store where people can purchase and send a toy online.