HUNDREDS of Alva residents came together to pay their respects at this year’s Remembrance Day service.

The parade set off from Alva Parish Church on Sunday, November 13 heading along West Stirling Street and culminating in the Johnstone Park and Cochrane Park area.

The service was led by minister Jim McNeil who spoke of the service being larger than ever before.

He said: “The parade was very well attended which we think is an influence of Covid that people are now getting more involved in things.

“This was the first service under reasonably normal conditions and people really turned up for it.

“This year, we really looked at the theme of two wars always going on - the physical war and the war in our hearts that carries on after the war is finished."

Mary Laing, chair for the Alva Development Trust, held a reception after the service for everyone who attended.

She added: “The turnout was unbelievable and thankfully we got a nice, lovely day for it.

“Afterwards, everybody came down to the Cochrane Hall to have hot drinks, some soup and just to remember.

“We had quite a few ex-service people as well who had been at the service."