PANTO magic returned to the stage at Alloa Academy this month with pupils putting on a show for the school community.

This year's production, the fifth in recent memory, was of Little Red and the enchanted Red Rose and the young talent in the limelight wowed the audiences.

Shows went ahead on December 14 and 15 including for the academy's feeder primaries with children from Park, Sunnyside, Redwell and St Mungo's schools all coming along for lively performances.

They even asked the cast members for autographs which meant the world to them.

The wider school community was also invited with Mr Jamie Jack, principal teacher of the Creative and Aesthetic Subjects Faculty, supporting the cast from start to finish.

He said: “This has been an incredible cast and crew to work with in every respect.

“Being part of something special like this has raised the profile and talents of all the young people involved.

“It has been an absolute pleasure and privilege to work through the creative process with the cast and to really bring to life the values of our school, particularly resilience and ambition.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience of directing, writing and designing the whole pantomime for our school community, and I am so proud of everyone, in which words can never truly express.”

There were some outstanding performances with the cast firmly in the grips of the panto bug.

They included Ellie Jardine (S3) as lovely Eva, Jessica Benning (S4) as the courageous Little Red, Euan Smith (S1) as the dramatic Wee Willie Winkie, Harrison Barnes (S5) as the theatrical big mama – Ariana Twinkle Star.

There were also Scott Smith (S2) as the tormented Prince Clackmannan/The Beast, Ava Madden (S2) as the lively Roberto Ronaldo Hood, Emily Straight (S4) as Granny Olga Oakwood, Kate Gibson (S4) as the kind Ruby Rose, Isobel Conlan (S5) as the dark and twisted Count Damian Dunmar, Georgia Stewart (S3) as the villainous witch – Edna Inglewood.

Mr Jack issued a nod of thanks to the “amazing and supportive” parent council at the school, especially Nancy Smith and Maureen McMaster.

Thanks also go to sponsors Indigo Sun, Stirling Valet Service, Clackmannanshire Third Sector Interface, Alloa First, McMichaels Electronics Ltd, Buchan's Taxis, West End Skoda Garage Stirling and Margaret Jack.

Former students Libby Rodger and Jamie Smith also received appreciation for helping with rehearsals since August and for photography and set decoration respectively.

Thanks also go to Tommy Hamilton for professional photos as well as numerous colleagues who helped out.

Mr Jack added: “On behalf of the Alloa Academy pantomime cast and crew, thank you to the entire school and wider community for your support and positive reviews, which we hope to one day build upon for the future.”