THE music department at Alva Academy hosted their Christmas show to close out the school year in style.

Taking place on Tuesday, December 20, the event featured over 250 pupils delivering various performances to entertain the audience.

Dave Clifford, faculty principal teacher of music, art and PE at Alva Academy, said he felt the evening was sorely needed after Covid.

He said: “The night comprised of 36 different acts featuring 250 pupils performing in some way or another to a packed audience of over 350.

“It was the most needed evening in such a long time and, being the first one back after a period of not being able to do live shows, it was incredibly brave of the pupils that performed.

“They will never forget last night – no matter what path they take, musical or not, they’ll always remember that.”

The showcase displayed a wide range of musical talent stretching from orchestra, string ensembles, rock bands and choirs.

Alva Academy also host a Parkinson’s singing group every Monday night who practice with the pupils. They joined some pupils on stage to put on their own performance.

“The Parkinson’s group was very involved and they got up and they sang their hearts out which was lovely,” Dave added.

“It’s so heart-warming to see the inter-generational relationships between the group and the pupils and it’s so beneficial as singing lessens the symptoms of Parkinson’s so it’s just lovely.

“It was a roaring success and the feedback from parents and the public has been brilliant.

“The music department would like to thank each and every pupil and everyone that came out to support such a huge event.”