STORMCHASER ended the year on a high as they put on their first show in the Wee Country in almost three years.

The band performed before a sold-out crowd at the Alva Masonic Hall on Friday, December 30, and entertained a crowd of more than 150 people.

Supported by fellow Clacks outfit Deltamanic, the band closed 2022 on a positive note as they have been going from strength to strength throughout the year.

Gregor MacGregor, the band's frontman, was delighted with how their last show went and is looking forward to the year ahead.

He said: “It was good, we had a full house which was fantastic, the crowd were great, they were really up for it.

“Deltamanic were great, it was good to get young local talent to support us. It’s great to see young guys still getting into the industry.

“We were quite happy to see that the crowd still really enjoyed our music as well as the covers. We played about 4 covers and the rest was our own music and we still had the crowd with us.

“That’s really important to me because it shows me that there is still scope for people to enjoy new music rather than the same songs people have heard for the past 40 years.”

The past year was a big one for Stormchaser as they released new music and booked a space on Scotland’s biggest indoor music festival, WinterStorm.

“2022 was really successful for us – WinterStorm was a big deal for us,” Gregor added.

“We had been trying to land a place on that for a while so to finally do it and perform quite well at it was a really big moment for the band.

“We also released Voyager 1+2 which we hope to expand upon next year with 3+4.

“Looking ahead to 2023, we’re really going to start working on an album – that’s our priority for moving forward, we need to get an album out.

“We’re hoping to start on that around March, April time and then aiming to have it out this year.”

Stormchaser will be performing next at the Dreadnoughtrock in Bathgate on Saturday, February 11.

Tickets cost £7 and can be bought from the band’s Facebook page.