A SAUCHIE woman has been banned from keeping dogs for four years, a court has heard.

Susan Hume's pet ran off from her and attacked another dog whose owner was also bitten.

Hume, of Rosebank, appeared for sentencing at Alloa Sheriff Court last Thursday, January 12.

The court was told the dog involved in the attack had behaved in a similar manner before and has since been put down.

Hume, 49, admitted that on February 9, at Rosebank, she was the owner of a Border collie which was dangerously out of control.

It was alleged that it was not restrained by a lead, was out of control and attacked and bit another dog and bit its owner on the hand.

Depute fiscal Rachel Wallace said the woman had been walking her dog called Buddie when she heard Hume shouting "no".

Hume's collie, named Jake, then came running towards the woman before then attacking Buddie by clamping its jaws on its body for around five minutes.

The woman was also "nipped" on the hand by Jake, added the depute.

Buddie had to be taken to the vet and the woman was given antibiotics by her GP.

Defence solicitor Michael Lowrie said the previous incident involving Jake had occurred in June 2021 and his client thought it had been a "one-off".

However, in this latest offence the dog's lead had snapped when it became excited.

The woman had lifted her dog up and Jake had clamped its jaws on it.

He added that his client had apologised at the time and again afterwards when she went to the woman's home.

Sheriff Neil Bowie fined Hume £210 and ordered her to pay the woman £200 compensation.

Hume was also made the subject of a disqualification order which bans her from owning or looking after a dog for four years.