A HILFOOTS father-of-three has shared his incredible weight-loss journey in the hope of inspiring others in a similar situation.

Paul Jelfs, from Alva, has dropped nearly eight stone over the last 14 months after being told he only had five years left if he did not change his ways.

In summer 2021, Paul weighed more than 24 stone and said he struggled for breath when walking to the end of his street.

The 44-year-old said the last straw was being faced with the possibility of not being there for his children as young as ten.

He told the Advertiser: “After having an ambulance come out due to chest pains and lack of breath, the turning point was seeing my GP and being told that if I did not change my ways, I most likely would not be here within five years.

“I couldn’t bear the idea of not being around for my children and picturing the hurt it would cause them.

“This was the catalyst I needed to make changes and set to work to change my diet and my attitude towards my illness.”

Paul had been diagnosed with diabetes and was prescribed medication which made his weight loss battle tougher.

The medication made him gain weight and had a serious impact on his mental health, which in turn led him to comfort eat.

Despite this, he managed to beat it all and work towards achieving a health weight, with his GP reporting significant improvements in his overall health.

“I am pleased to say that I am now a healthy weight,” Paul added. “I still face the challenges of my mental health, but I have been able to completely reverse my diabetes and get off insulin.

“I still require a stick when walking or standing for any length of time but I have improved my fitness by walking as much as I could.

“I am hoping that if I can continue this progress and get on top of my mental health that I will be able to start my post graduate degree in Professional Media Music at the start of next year.”

“There is no doubt that achieving such drastic changes has helped my self-confidence and I hope it can serve as an inspiration for others who feel trapped by their weight or lifestyle.”