A MOTHER passionate about breastfeeding has become the only lactation specialist to be internationally qualified in Forth Valley.

The practice is owned by Caroline Hunter recently qualified as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and became one of ten in the country to receive the accolade.

Milk and Nurture is based in Falkirk and provides a one-of-its-kind service to mums who are beginning to breastfeed their children, offering quality support and advice to new parents.

Caroline said: “This is a globally recognised qualification as a lactation specialist which only roughly ten or so in the country have.

“I had to sit an exam and make sure I had over one thousand hours experience in clinical support dealing with mums and parents and over 90 hours of lactation education.

“I started my practice last year once I got the qualification – it’s just me right now but there’s a great support network around Scotland for me to access.”

Caroline take on clients for an initial 90-minute consultation session that is unique to each individual.

She aims to focus on listening and understanding each person’s needs and provide them with a tailor made support plan that is most suitable for them.

“I am passionate about mums and babies getting the right support to meet their feeding goals and feeling at peace with their feeding journey,” Caroline added.

“As such, I have strived to obtain the highest qualification in lactation and infant feeding support so that I can maker sure families get what they need.”

Milk and Nurture can be found on Canalside Drive, Falkirk and is open Sunday-Friday from 9am-7.30pm.