FOSTER families across the Wee County are being sought to provide homes for single children and siblings.

The Clackmannanshire Adoption Service has launched an appeal for more foster carers, amid research recently released that suggests the cost-of-living crisis may be forcing people to reconsider adopting.

Concerns over rising costs and the financial commitments of looking after a child have seen some applicants forced to withdraw from the service.

Cllr Wendy Hamilton, spokesperson for health and social care at Clackmannanshire Council, said: "The cost-of-living crisis continues to place pressures on many families across Clackmannanshire which includes adoptive families, kinships and foster carers.

"The council is committed to attracting new adopters and foster carers to care for local children in Clackmannanshire, to ensure that where possible all children can grow up in their local community.

"Currently, we require foster families for children of all ages, and we particularly need foster carers who can offer a placement to siblings, so we can keep brothers and sisters together."

Research released by Adoption UK shows that nine out of 10 prospective adopters say their decisions are affected by the cost-of-living crisis.

The survey carried out identified work commitments as a key factor as to whether an adopter would go through with the process.

One adoptive parent said: "I gave up work to support my children's needs and now have to return to employment to cover living costs – massive impact socially and emotionally."

Another major concern was rising transport costs, making it difficult for adoptees to maintain relationships with birth relatives.

Emily Firth, CEO for Adoption UK, has called for a review of financial support available for adopters and adoptees.

She said: "Most adopted children have an extremely difficult early childhood, which often has a lasting impact.

"Without the right support, it can mean adopted people don't have an equal chance in life.

"It's vital that the cost-of-living crisis doesn't drive even greater inequality between adopted people and their peers.

"But nearly all those who responded to our survey were concerned that the crisis would result in the needs of adopted children and adults falling down the priority list for government.

"We'll be working hard with the adoption community to ensure that doesn't happen."

Anyone interested in fostering can contact the adoption service on 01259 225085 or emailing