A CLACKS gym is hoping to get the Wee County exercising as it gears up to host its first ever summer Fitness Games.

uGym, based in Tillicoultry, announced they were aiming to launch the inaugural summer open session on Sunday, June 18.

Owned by Jack Urquhart, the fitness centre hopes to bring together members of the gym and the wider community to take part in the event, with team activities and prizes on offer.

Speaking to the Advertiser, Jack said he hopes this is something Clacks will be interested in, with his sights set on carrying it out in future years.

He said: “What we’re proposing is a fun fitness day for our members and those within the community to get involved in the events to win prizes.

“We want to bring something quite unique to the area and provide a good time for our members and for the wider community.

“This is the first open day that we’ve done and with Covid, we didn’t have the manpower to do it before but now we feel like we have the chance to do it now.

“We’ve got lots of ideas and lots of avenues, but right now our focus is organising the first summer games and going from there.”

Jack and his team are still in the planning phase but their provisional ideas include mixed teams of four taking part in group events with the top three placed entering into a final to battle it out for first prize.

The teams will take part in a range of up to eight events, with each member being able to shine throughout the day.

“This will also be proceeds to charity event,” Jack added. “We’ve not worked out which charity yet, we’re thinking of either doing a few and let people decide or choosing a local charity and raising money for them.

“In future, we hope to reach out to local businesses and potentially link up with food and drink vendors and make it a day out for families, maybe involve the kids as well.”

uGym opened in January 2019 and only enjoyed a full first year before being interrupted by the Covid pandemic, having to close on numerous occasions during the lockdowns.

However, this didn’t hinder them at all, with Jack and his team going on to win best gym in Forth Valley at Scotland’s Business Awards in August last year.

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