A FOOTBALL club aimed at promoting weight loss and positive mental health has been given the go ahead in Clacks.

Sauchie Juniors WPL has been established and is looking for players to join as they prepare to enter the Appin Warriors Premier League next season.

The WPL is a league that encourages overweight men to join a team and play regular football in an effort to lose weight and improve mental health.

Matthew Hollingworth is a committee member of the Sauchie Juniors amateur team and is looking forward to adding another team under the brand.

He said: “As an overweight individual myself, it seemed a good opportunity to form another Sauchie team.

“We’ve got a couple coaches and parents of children in the youth set-up who were looking for some recreational football opportunities that don’t really exist.

“It looked like a good chance to plug a gap at the club.”

Sauchie Juniors WPL are currently on the lookout for sponsors and are hoping to use their position as a club devoted to improving mental health to draw people in.

“The good thing we’ve got is because we’re in a league aimed at mental health and weight loss, it’s usually a bit of a hook,” Matthew added.

“There is a positive message within our club that we’re trying to get across and we’re asking players to speak to employers and see if anyone’s interested.

“I’ve always been involved in football in almost every role you can imagine so I’m looking forward to seeing us get started."

Matthew will be joined in the boardroom by Davy Reynolds, who will be moving over from the Junior Academy to help oversee things.

Sarah Berrie has also taken on a role and Michael Wilson has signed on as a coach having previously managed East of Scotland Premier League side Vale of Leithen.

In order to play for a Warriors Premier League team, there are several requirements that trialists must meet.

Players must be over 18 years old, have a BMI of 30 or over, and have a navel-to-navel measurement of 38 inches or greater.

Teams must have played at least three friendlies before being accepted into the league, with Sauchie having secured matches against Monster Munchen FC and Glasgow Wellington FC, both to be played in May.

More information can be found on the Sauchie Juniors WPL Facebook page.