RESIDENTS at Balhousie Rumbling Bridge can now enjoy a little extra TLC with the introduction of the facility’s pamper room.

The room allows for care home occupants to get their hair cut, their nails painted or even have a massage.

The pamper room opened last month, developed from an idea by Melissa Hatt and Carol Stillie, Balhousie’s activities coordinators, and has gone down a treat with residents.

Carol said: “We wanted to create something that would get the residents out of their rooms and give them somewhere to go.

“Because of the pandemic, we have found that over the last three years some of them have become quite reluctant to leave their rooms because that is what they have become accustomed to.

“By making an appointment book, it makes it more special, almost like an outing, and gives them something to look forward to.

“It’s also a social activity. We’ve found our residents like to come for a cup of tea and a chat, and it’s a really good experience for them.

“Instead of one-to-one, it’s a great group activity and the men are enjoying it as much as the women. It’s for everybody.”

Balhousie is a care home facility with a specialist unit to treat residents with Huntington’s Disease. Among other symptoms, this can cause involuntary movements, but the relaxing atmosphere has made a difference for some guests.

“With Huntington’s, it means the residents are more limited in their ability to go out,” Melissa added. “The involuntary movements make it more difficult, whereas if we do it here they can come and go as they need to.

“If they’re feeling anxious, they don’t have to stay. They can go away and come back. It’s easier for them and they get a lot of enjoyment out of it.”