A WEE COUNTY student will see her original production come to life in Alloa after winning a competition.

Grace Davie, from Dollar, was the recipient of the production company's first Playwriting Award, launched in a bid to recognise creative talent across Clacks.

Her play, titled Scotland Afore Ye, is based around the song The Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond and will be shown at the Coach House Theatre in June.

Grace, an undergraduate English Literature and German student at Trinity College, Dublin, will also pen two short comedies that will form part of the show.

She said: "I'm really excited and something I really like about it is that it's so local – the theatre I'm really interested in making is for all Scottish people, not just Glasgow or Edinburgh, for example.

"It's especially for people in Clacks who can come along and see the show.

"It's a really brilliant opportunity and a really great feeling to go on and win."

Grace's plays will be produced by a partnership between the Alman Dramatic Club and the Stirling University Drama Society.

The shows are aiming to feature largely younger actors and hopes to attract a youthful audience.

Scotland Afore Ye is described as "a compelling weave of contemporary themes and the legacy of Scotland's bloody history", which will be the main act on the night.

Grace got the idea for her play based on the story behind the song Loch Lomond, which details two soldiers who were captured during the Battle of Culloden.

The captors threaten to kill one soldier and set the other free, with the dying soldier responding that he shall be in Scotland before the survivor.

"I think that story is brilliant," Grace added. "I just heard that story and I think Loch Lomond is so culturally pervasive.

"It's a song that exists strongly in Scotland but it's also a way for other nations to relate and connect with Scotland.

"There's this huge story behind the song that people aren't aware of but that exists and I think it's a powerful story.

"I wanted to tell it and I thought people would be interested."

Scotland Afore Ye will be produced by the Alman Dramatic Club and will be shown at Alloa's Coach House Theatre in June.