A TWELVE-day festival celebrating real ale will be heading to Clackmannanshire this month.

Available at Wetherspoons pubs across the country, the chain will be stocking a range of real ales, including three from overseas brewers.

The festival will be available in Alloa’s The Bobbing John from Wednesday, March 22 to Sunday, April 2.

Sarah Hill, pub manager, said: “The festival is a great celebration of real ale.

“It will allow us to showcase a selection of superb beers over a 12-day period, at great value for money prices.

“It will also give our customers the opportunity to enjoy a number of beers which have not previously been served in the pub, including those from overseas.”

Some of the ales on offer include Orkney Cliff Edge, Brombeer Freddy Export from Belgium, Cambridge Flower Child IPA from the USA and Sudwerk Reeds Ale from Switzerland.

Wetherspoons has confirmed there will be a selection of vegan and gluten-free beers available.

A festival magazine will be available on the Wetherspoons app and website and will include tasting notes on all the beers.