CONCERNS over the loss of views are being raised after approved warehousing went up at a Diageo site near a nature reserve.

A Clacks resident expressed anger at the development, a warehousing expansion at Diageo's site near the Cambus Pools reserve, which saw infrastructure go up and a vacant cottage removed at Midtown Farm off Blackgrange Road.

Diageo chiefs insist the building will eventually blend in after trees are planted in the area, but the current state of the development has sparked anger in the area.

David Taylor, who lives in Alloa and frequently visits the area for walks with his family, visited the waterfront recently to see the beautiful views towards the east, featuring the Wallace Monument and rolling hills, left ruined.

He told the Advertiser: "I had known about the planning to build new warehousing for the past year but wasn't put off as the application stated clearly that the new buildings wouldn't impact the landscape as they would be obscured by the existing trees and also wouldn't impact the views from any of the viewpoints on the walk.

"How wrong was I?"

A design and access statement supporting the planning application for the development said it is "intended to have minimal visual impact on the areas surrounding the site; the development site is largely masked from most directions..."

David said that despite this, the warehousing "totally impacts on every landscape feature looking east" and said the new buildings were much larger than the original warehousing at the site.

"The council should be encouraging us to get outside and enjoy our beautiful country, but instead has allowed planning that has depleted any sort of scenic value for those of us living in Clacks and using our local walks," David concluded.

Residents raised concerns over the development in the planning stage, saying they were going to live in the middle of a control of major accident hazards (COMAH) site, especially with a similar development approved at Gravel Farm.

A spokesperson for Clackmannanshire Council said: "The site for this development was identified in the Clackmannanshire Council Local Plan 2015.

"The local plan and subsequent planning application assessment in 2022 were both subject to statutory public consultation.

"Assessment of this planning application included consideration of many complex matters which are detailed in the Report of Handling.

"This report includes confirmation of consultation, consideration of landscape impact and all other matters of interest.

"You can find these documents on the council's website.

"If there are any concerns after considering all matters addressed in the Report of Handling, please email to arrange to discuss in more detail with a relevant officer."

While concerns over the loss of visual amenity were not raised then, the 31-page report did seek to address each objection raised.

A Diageo spokesperson said: “The new warehousing development is an important part of our investment in the future growth of Scotch whisky.

"The warehouses are being built on land that was designated for industrial development and all the relevant consultation and planning processes were followed with Clackmannanshire Council.

"The plans include landscaping and tree planting around the warehousing to enhance the visual amenity and this will take place as the development progresses.”