A WEE COUNTY football side will take strides forward this coming season, thanks to a grant supporting upgrades to their pavilion.

Sauchie Amateurs Community FC has received £3,000 from the Coalfields Regeneration Trust (CRT) to help replace the hot water system at Fairfield Park.

The club runs six squads from ages eight and above and is in the process of re-establishing its Sunday amateurs team.

The ageing pipework and boiler are long past needing replaced while matters were made worse by a burst pipe over the winter period.

Callum MacAulay, club secretary, said: “Without the funding from the CRT Sauchie Amateurs FC would not have been able to upgrade our hot water system or insulate the loft space at our facility at Fairfield Pavilion.

“By doing these upgrades it will enable us to remove the old water tanks in the loft, replace the old metal water pipes and help keep the heating costs down which will allow the club to put any monies saved to other uses at the club such as equipment for the new mini gym for the players to use for extra training.”

Thanks to the funding, the players will be able to enjoy a shower that is hotter than room temperature and will not stop halfway through.

Nicky Wilson, CRT trustee, added: “Supporting clubs like Sauchie Amateurs is fundamental to the role of CRT in promoting opportunities for all in our former coalfield communities.”