A TIMELESS tale of whodunnit will be the next production aiming to pack out the Coach House Theatre in Alloa.

The Alman Dramatic Club will be presenting Crimes in Egypt from April 10 to April 15 in what is a joyous spoof on the Agatha Christie classic Death on the Nile.

Written by Fergus Dunlop, the fast-flowing farce is brought to life by four actors, twelve characters, a hard-working crew, a crazy camel race the speed of light and so much more.

The production is directed by George Marcinkus, fresh from his stint with the Little Shop of Horrors.

Protagonist Ms Artemis Arinae, the Belgian detective who just happens to be onboard the Nile cruise ship when the murder takes place, is played by Cath Chadwick.

The genius detective is always one step ahead, except when she is behind.

She will play a single character while the others take on at least four parts.

Robyn Gordon will be going between being a young heiress, exhausted maid and jilted fiancé.

Meanwhile, Brian Smith has the thankless task of playing a drunken captain, Scottish lawyer and wealthy American traveller.

Brian Tripney, fresh from a Falkirk Tryst production of a Chekhov comedy, will veer from the bouncing but misunderstood son, to the first mate and pedantic German doctor.

The creative construction team of Walter Awlson, Davey Dobbie, Dave Hunter, Jim Allan and Clare Jackman also added a touch of class presentation and even the accompanying soundtrack is full to the brim with wit.

Tickets are on sale via thealman.com website.