CLACKS communities are being invited by university drama talent as they prepare to stage a haunting Shakespeare classic in Stirling.

There will be themes of betrayal, ambition, power and revenge as Stirling University Drama Society (SUDS) puts their production of MACBETH on stage at the Macrobert next week.

The play will go ahead at the arts centre's Mainhouse Theatre at 7pm on both Tuesday and Wednesday, April 4 and 5.

Co-directors and co-producers Melissa Malcolm and Shani Doudet are hoping the play will bring together not just students, but members of the wider community around the city and Clackmannanshire in a bid to celebrate talent.

Melissa said: “MACBETH is a risky choice – Shakespeare always is – especially in a student theatre capacity where you already know some people have a pre-conceived expectation and budget is limited.

“However, myself and my co-director/producer Shani Doudet knew that we wanted to take that risk.

“We both want to storm into the theatre industry, and we are both very passionate about pushing ourselves and not limiting opportunities for SUDS members.

“The story of MACBETH is dark, gritty, edgy and weird and we love everything about that. It gives the actors in SUDS a really complex array of characters, storylines, and lines, to throw themselves into and really explore.

“MACBETH also allows us to explore more experimental visuals, sounds and movements.

“One thing we’re really excited about is that we will have a drum live in the wings of the stage to help add intensity and push the story – this is something really fun and it really makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up hearing the drum beat slowly and deeply through the theatre.”

She added: “We can’t wait to open this performance to the students, and community, of Stirling, Clackmannanshire, and surrounding areas.

“We really want to make this a community performance.

“We are using a bigger space than normal too, so really need to sell tickets!

“Our old, and new, members are extremely excited to make MACBETH a really memorable performance.”

Taking on what is arguably Shakespeare's most challenging character will be Oliver O'Hare, one of the latest members to join the society and one of Stirling's INTO students.

He has been continuously wowing the cast and crew in rehearsals, according to Shani.

The co-director and producer added: “Our Lady Macbeth is played by Lucie Muller, a third year marine biology student from Luxembourg.

“The pair are showing themselves to be ones to watch as they progress their acting journeys. Who wouldn’t want to see a play full of Murder, betrayal, crowns and swords!”

Visit here for tickets.