SIGNS advertising a controversial development in a small Wee County village will be allowed to stay, despite objections and complaints from residents.

The non-illuminated single stack sign and seven flags advertising an under-construction residential development at the former Bowling Green will be allowed to stay in Pool of Muckhart, following the approval of a retrospective planning application.

Springfield Properties, which began marketing 50 homes in the village, came under fire from residents in the past, the development having originally been rejected by Clacks councillors.

The proposals, off the A91, were eventually given the green light following an appeal to the DPEA.

That decision left Muckhart Community Council “dismayed and angered”, as reported in 2020.

It is understood advertising to sell the development went up in January this year before an application was lodged in February.

Martin Egan, chief operating officer at Springfield, previously explained that planning permission for signage within a certain size is not required and the advertising in Pool of Muckhart “is slightly larger than deemed acceptable without approval from the local authority, and, as such, we have submitted a formal request for consent”.

As reported earlier this year, the application received three objections from residents, despite no neighbours being notified.

ANGER: Residents objected to the application despite no neighbours being notified

ANGER: Residents objected to the application despite no neighbours being notified

People raised concerns over its detrimental impact to the amenity of the village, the fact it was submitted retrospectively and that it is detrimental to road safety.

In its report of handling, Clackmannanshire Council's planning department said: “It is noted that Roads and Transportation do not consider that the proposal would constitute a road safety hazard.”

On the impact on amenity, the report said: “It is not considered that the proposed display of advertisement would have a significant impact on the amenity of the Pool of Muckhart village.

“It is appropriate that residential development has appropriate directional signage.

“The proposed advertisement would be modest in scale and display would be time limited.”

The signs have been approved with one condition.

Permission will cease before March 28 in 2028 or on the date of the completion of the last of 50 dwellings at the site, whichever is sooner.