CLACKS COUNCIL has approved plans to bring 8,000 whisky casks to Alloa for maturation and storage.

A former car sales lot and repair workshop on The Pleasures, at the West Business Park, is now set to become whisky storage.

The new facility is expected to hold approximately 8,000 casks across two warehouse units.

“The casks will hold approximately 125 litres per cask, resulting in a total of circa 1,000,000 litres of whisky stored on site,” a planning statement on behalf of  Alloa Warehouse Ltd said. 

The whisky will solely be stored in casks in Alloa.

There will be no associated manufacturing, treatment or other industrial processes, according to property management. 

In the initial 18-month stocking period, there will be approximately one lorry per week in and out of the site. However, after the initial phase, only one lorry is expected per month. 

The facility will be completely closed to the public, and client viewings are expected to be “minimal and infrequent.” 

The local area is currently labelled as “mixed use” with education, industrial, residential and agricultural land within the vicinity. 

Property managers said the warehouse transitioned from storage and distribution to car sales and repairs in 2015.

The most recent decision has merely returned the unit to its original use.

Clackmannanshire Council approved the changes for Alloa’s West Business Park last week.

The transition will take place in due course.