WEE COUNTY residents say they have been left with "unanswered" questions after raising flooding concerns at a proposed housing development site.

Dollar Community Council chair Derek McDonald has voiced fears about a number of unanswered issues affecting the proposed housing developments Dollar South and Dollar East.

Flooding has been primary concern for the community council, with the earmarked site known to fill with water during bad weather.

Derek said: "By sticking hundreds of houses here in Dollar, you potentially put at risk other villages or towns downstream.

"We raised various questions about this via Clackmannanshire Council and didn't get any answers from the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) so we feel there are still questions left unanswered about the safety of the development site.

"They're going to have to do extensive ground water management in there because its sodden enough as it is without adding the run-off from roofs and driveways.

"They've told us they plan on installing SuDS to combat this but we still have some concerns."

SuDS (Sustainable Drainage Systems) aims to store rainfall water which stops it from filling up at source level, preventing flooding.

Derek explained that the site was initially proposed as a new graveyard for the village, but this had to scrapped due to the flooding concerns.

A spokesperson for SEPA said: "We were consulted on the two sites at Dollar and objected to the proposals in April 2019 due to a lack of information, requesting further details and an updated flood assessment.

"After receiving the requested information, we were then able to remove our objection to the Dollar South and East site in May 2019, providing that a condition is attached to consent ensuring the design of the proposed opening up as part of the Westertoun Burn adequately took account of flood risk.

"SEPA expects Clackmannanshire Council to undertake their responsibilities as the Flood Prevention Authority.

"These include implementing and maintaining flood protection actions, inspecting, clearing and repairing watercourses, and managing drainage on roads."

Derek went on to say that flooding was not the community council's only concern, citing the volume of road traffic throughout Dollar as well as the strain on community health and schools like Strathdevon PS.

He added: "All of these issues were recognised by the planning committee but as of yet, we still haven't received answers about any of these subjects."

Clackmannanshire Council has said that SEPA will be fully consulted with and any necessary measures would be taken.

A spokesperson added: "A decision on these planning applications has not yet been made and, as part of our statutory requirement, we have consulted with SEPA regarding flood risks and safeguards to prevent flooding.

"Planning officers have met regularly with Dollar Community Council as part of the processing of considering these applications."