A CLACKS musician is set to be waxed in front of fans as he ramps up his fundraising bid to perform a dream blues gig in the birthplace of the genre.

Iain Donald, famously known as The Gator, is set to take on the fundraising challenge during a concert at the Royal Oak in Alloa next month.

And for fans of Wee County and Stirling musicians, there will be plenty on the bill for the night of Saturday, May 27.

It will be the second iteration of Gator Aid with Martin Mullady, Danny Wilson and special guest Laura Begley to lend their talent and support.

Doors will open at 6.30pm for a 7pm start on the night and also appearing will be Scott Ashworth, David Dennett, Graeme Campbell and Barry Honeyman.

The Gator, who has been gaining recognition on both sides of the pond with his delta blues, will be playing as well and will be supported by partner Fiona 'Gaulty' Gault, who is set to feature the artists on her Dunoon Community Radio show.

And the rising Clacks star will be waxed in front of all those attending – a challenge he promised to undertake when he began his fundraising efforts last summer.

As reported then, the former butcher is looking to raise £5,000 to fly to Mississippi and perform at the Alice Mae Festival, having been invited by Garry Burnside.

When The Gator first floated the idea of a waxing, he mused: “Now, I'm a very hairy guy, so you can imagine...”

Iain is around one-third on his way to the fundraising target with the festival to go ahead in October.

He told the Advertiser: “I think after we've done these fundraisers we'll be close.”

Issuing a nod of thanks to the supporting artists, he added: “Everything is so difficult just now so for these guys to be helping me is a big deal.”

The Alloa man has been channelling his hardships into music and last month released a collaboration with talented US artist Candice Ivory.

Their rendition of See That My Grave Is Kept Clean came out on Mother's Day as a tribute to his late mum Karen Ann Donald and a music video is also due to see the light of day.

He is also planning to record his next song soon, again collaborating with a big name – to be revealed at a later date.

The Gator hopes playing at the festival, a “dream gig”, will open more doors and opportunities on both sides of the water.

“A lot of it is just taking all the opportunities you are actually offered, there's plenty if you look for them," he said.

Tickets to the Royal Oak gig are £10, available from the venue or the artists.

Visit bit.ly/3y8HZWb to support the fundraiser directly.