SHOPLIFTING crimes across Clackmannanshire increased by nearly 60 per cent, according to the most recent six-month figures. 

Robberies also increased from seven in the same 2021 quarter to 15 in the most recent report. 

However, crime rates are down in nearly every other category, according to a police performance report for April-September 2022.

“The report is extremely positive, and the figures into 2023 are all down as well," councillors at the Audit and Scrutiny committee were told.

Officers continued: "The one thing that’s up is shoplifting. It’s not something we’re happy about, but I would be more concerned if crimes against people were increasing.”

They agreed the update was positive, overall.

Sexual assaults, domestic abuse incidents, vandalism and mischief crimes, and housebreaking have all decreased compared April-September 2021. 

Shoplifting and robberies, however, are two areas that have seen a recent spike.

Serious assaults decreased from 24 the previous year to 19 in 2022; common assault was also down from 304 to 280; reported incidents of domestic abuse dropped from 391 to 353; and vandalism and malicious mischief decreased from 219 to 194.

Shoplifting increased by nearly 60 per cent from 84 to 134. 

However, detection rates have slipped in several categories.

Serious assault detections slipped to 73.7 per cent; robbery detection dropped by nearly 30 per cent compared to the previous year and slipped to a 53.3 per cent detection rate.