A TULLIBODY author just can't stop writing as he has now released his first of two books planned for this year.

Don Green, who writes under the name Don Galloway, has released The Lady and the Housekeeper, a prequel to his well-known Time-Ryder series.

This is the Clacks author's eighth book, working to a schedule of trying to release two a year.

Speaking to the Advertiser, Don said this book remained within the shared universe he had created and looked to expand on the mythos established in the series.

"It's set in the same universe as the others," he said. "One of the two character is the adopted mum of the professor character from the other books.

"This one is set the 1940's and we get to see what she was like and how the professor came to be who he was.

"His adopted mum goes missing in Venice and her former ward goes looking for her. They'll come up against Nazis, lost Aztec treasure, lots of things."

The Lady and the Housekeeper is a departure from the sci-fi elements that defined earlier entries in the series, with Don planning three books in The Lady offshoot series.

"These books contain more historical elements rather than sci-fi," Don added. "It's set at the end of World War II and Italy have just surrendered to the Allies.

"It's an interesting period and I've put parts of it into the book in order to educate readers – and myself, I didn't know parts of it."

Don released his first book Time-Ryder: Powerstone Book One in 2014 and since then has followed it up with seven sequels.

He explained he has ideas for up to 45 books that he plans to write, which can be read together as an overarching series or as individual stories.

Don is already hard at work writing the ninth book of the series, planned for a September/October release.

Anyone interested in buying Don's latest book or any of the other releases in the Time-Ryder series can purchase them on Amazon, both physically and digitally.