A DOLLAR author has touched on his own life-changing experiences in his new book, centred on the importance of decision making.

Geoff Anderson released Decide to Succeed on Monday, May 1 and highlights how crucial good decision-making can be to the rest of somebody's life.

Originally high up in the management sector of BP in Grangemouth, ill health forced Geoff to reconsider his entire career path, leading to the book he has written today.

Geoff said: "I had just started up my own business when I ended up with Hodgkin lymphoma and as a consequence of going through the treatment with that, I had a stroke which stopped my ability to work.

"One thing I was able to do was write – I have to use one hand which is a bit of a hassle but I can get through it now.

"I talk about my own experiences. As I went through my treatment, a lot of decisions were made that led to the stroke which I refer to a lot."

Using this experience as a launch pad, Geoff redeveloped a training course he had worked on into the basis for his book.

He added: "When I started writing it, I noticed there was a particular angle in personal development in that our decisions are what our lives become.

"Our lives are based on how well we make our decisions."

Decide to Succeed can be bought on Amazon Kindle for £7.99 and also in paperback form for £9.99.