FEES to use public electric vehicle charging points in the Wee County could be introduced if plans are approved this week.

Clackmannanshire Council will be seeking approval for electric vehicle (EV) charge point tariffs at its May 18 meeting.

Up to this point, energy has been provided for free across 29 council-owned charging points in the area, but this is set to change if the proposals are given the nod.

Papers for the meeting noted this will ensure the day-to-day running costs are covered, highlighting increased costs.

The chamber will also hear that the local authority will be unable to access future government funding for EV infrastructure unless tariffs are set by spring 2023.

Fast AC chargers, 7kW or 22kW, will cost 48p per kWh while rapid DC chargers will cost 69p per kWh.

If agreed, there will be a minimum spend of £5, while overstay charges will be in place.

For fast AC chargers, 22kW only, this would be £12 after the first four hours with a 10 minute grace period, and a further £12 for each four hours.

With the rapid chargers, this would be set at £20 after the first 60 minutes, a 10 minute grace period, and £20 for every subsequent hour.

A 10 per cent discount would apply for Clacks residents without access to off-street parking or home charging, this would be reviewed after an initial trial period of six months to a year.

Authority would be delegated to a strategic director to modify tariffs to address fluctuating energy prices.

Charging points have been in place in the area since 2014 and there will be 36 in total by this summer.

In 2022-23, the council spent around £178,000 on electricity for public charging points and the tariffs are based on costs associated with supply as well as annual maintenance, warranty and data fees.

The council is looking to align tariffs with neighbouring Stirling and Falkirk authorities. However, Stirling charges are "much lower" as they do not cover all the operating costs, documents for the meeting said.