A GRASSY bit of land could once again serve as a football pitch for the Tullibody community if plans come to fruition.

Tullibody St Serf's FC, which formed earlier in January with big ambitions, has last week submitted a Community Asset Transfer request for the long-term lease of Banchory Park.

Commonly referred to as The Coosie, the land previously served as a football pitch but has been out of use for years.

Club founder Derek "Mozza" Robertson submitted the initial bid to Clackmannanshire Council last week and hopes it could become a stable home and base of operations.

If successful, the pitch would also be available for community bookings, he added.

Derek told the Advertiser: "This is just the first stage of what will be a few but obviously, we are really excited about it – not just for what it could do for the club but also for the town, the community as well.

"It would be open for anyone to book and use as well. We are not for profit, it will be more than affordable, we will keep the prices as low as possible."

Indeed, the club's ethos is very much to work in tandem with others and Derek has already secured agreement for a second-hand FIFA-grade artificial surface.

VISION: Tullubody St Serfs FC has submitted an asset transfer bid to secure long-term lease of Banchory Park, commonly known as The Coosie

VISION: Tullubody St Serf's FC has submitted an asset transfer bid to secure long-term lease of Banchory Park, commonly known as The Coosie

Having an all-weather surface is central to the bid, Derek has said. Indeed, in his proposal he cites a lack of such pitches in the area other than Lornshill Academy, which is always fully booked.

Hopes are for The Coosie to become an essential weekend football hub for the area while hosting mid-week evening sessions.

Alongside the all-weather surface, Derek envisions dugouts, boundary railing and perimeter fencing, changing facilities, secure storage and either initially or in the future, modular spectator stands converted from shipping containers and more.

Funding for the plans would come from two sources with grants from sportscotland and from the SFA's Grassroots Pitch and Facilities Fund.

Derek continued: "We've got a long time to work away on it, it's around six months the council have to fully respond so we can obviously flesh it out, get a bit more detail and make the case for it."

As reported in January, Derek launched the club at the start of 2023 to a positive response.

Last week, 33 men enjoyed a session with the Tullibody St Serf's FC, which currently trains and plays at Tullibody Civic Centre.

The women's team is also coming along with attendance figures starting to hit double digits.

"It's moved really quickly," Derek continued. "We are getting a lot of interest, a lot of boys are joining us and we have a women's team started as well."