A COMMUNITY art project has returned to Clackmannan, with the aim of lifting the spirits of residents.

A number of colourfully decorated sheep have appeared around Clackmannan, Kennet and Forrestmill after having been commissioned during the first Covid lockdown.

The project was launched in July 2020, with a group of Clackmannan Development Trust volunteers knitting squares and pompoms to make woolly sheep.

They intended for the sheep to brighten people’s days as they passed, particularly during lockdown, a tough time for many.

The volunteers managed to create 12 life sized, colourful sheep which they allowed members of the community and schoolchildren to have a hand in naming.

The sheep were named Baaarry, Baaabara, Bruce, Josie, Jeweilet, Ewan McGregor, Betty, Francie and they had four unnamed lambs.

First completed in 2021, the flock of sheep was put on display in various locations around Clackmannan and the surrounding areas for residents to find and enjoy.

The flock has now become a staple of spring, cropping up around their usual haunts as the nicer weather comes in.

Fiona Spiers, development manager for the CDT, said: “The return of the sheep to their favourite local spots each spring has become one of the highlights of the year.

“We are sure they bring a smile to everyone who sees them.

“The Clackmannan Development Trust is very grateful indeed to the talented volunteers who brought them to life, and hope that the community can continue to enjoy the Fancy Flock for many years to come.”