A CLACKS steel band has announced they will be putting on two special performances to celebrate their first ten years.

Established in 2013, the Saltire Steel band is one of only two bands in Scotland playing Trinidadian steel pans.

To celebrate a decade of performing, Saltire Steel has signed on to perform at the Alva Fun Day this Saturday and also Music in the Park in Menstrie the following Saturday.

Linda Fraser, chair of Saltire Steel, is excited to mark the anniversary with two gigs in her home of Clackmannanshire.

She told the Advertiser: "I can't believe how quickly the time has passed and how far we've come from being complete novices to where we are now.

"We started by playing once a month but now we play every week. It's mostly the same group of people that started.

"Friends of friends of the band have sometimes joined us but it's generally been very organic.

"We've put in some gigs since we started and people can come along and see us in May and June.

"It's the best, I live for it. It really does just lift your spirits, it's a very joyful sound."

Since founding the group, the Saltire Steel has retained its core membership, with a few additions, and put on several gigs throughout the Wee County and central Scotland.

They performed at the Alloa fireworks display last year and also when Storm, a ten-metre-tall puppet, visited the town to mark Scotland's Year of Coasts and Waters.

"I had always wanted to try steel pans," Linda added. "A group of us decided to give it a go and we were hooked.

"What is lovely about steel pans is it is so accessible. None of us are really musicians by trade and most of us didn't know how to read music when we started.

"Steel pans gives you that access to a musical instrument that's not that difficult to play, you only need half an hour to go from a novice to bashing out a tune as part of a band.

Anyone interested in trying out steel pan performing, or to book a performance from the band, can visit www.saltiresteel.co.uk