KIDS at a Tullibody school took the chance to live a day as a firefighter in a fundraiser event carried out.

Abercromby PS held the fundraiser day in partnership with Alloa Fire Station and treated the children to a full day of learning what it is like to be a firefighter.

Firefighters set up a fun obstacle course to teach kids about the fitness levels of being in the service, a blindfolding challenge to simulate running into a smoky building and allowed kids to use the fire hose on targets as if they were putting out flames themselves.

Lauren Davis, acting principal teacher at the school, said the event was a resounding success and all the kids enjoyed a day of firefighting.

She added: “Every year, we hold a fundraising day at Abercromby to try and raise funds for the school. This year, we really wanted to promote our partnership with Alloa Fire Service.

“They came along and helped us plan a day to give kids experience of being a firefighter and teach them about the challenges they go through.

“It was absolutely fantastic. All of the kids that participated had a great time and loved the interaction with the fire service.

“Alloa Fire Service have been amazing with us helping us planning it, being there with the kids and supplying everything we needed on the day.

Once the kids finished each of the challenges, they got to have a bit of fun in the sun on a slip ‘n’ slide set up by the school and the fire service.

More than £1000 was raised during the event by pupils, which will be put towards improving Abercromby PS.

Lauren continued: “The slip ‘n’ slide was definitely the kids’ favourite activity out of them all. All the kids were soaking, had a great time, it was a good bit of fun at the end.

“The parents were joining in as well so it had a real community feel about it. Everybody had a fantastic day.”