POLICE officers within Forth Valley have carried out a targeted speeding operation throughout Clackmannanshire.

This operation aimed to target speeding, dangerous/careless driving and general road safety in the area.

During this operation, a total of 66 drivers were stopped and spoken to by police officers, with some being issued fines and warnings.

One driver was reported for driving at 50mph in a 30mph zone.

Fixed penalty notices were issued to two drivers, one for driving through a red light and one for not stopping within the pedestrian crossing area.

Nine drivers were issued fixed penalty notices for driving between 44mph and 48mph in a 30mph zone.

Lastly, 54 drivers were issued warnings for increased speed but were driving below the threshold to give a fixed penalty.

This operation was conducted due to information and concerns raised by local residents, where speeding was identified as the priority concern for the area.

In a post published on the Police Scotland Forth Valley Facebook page, they went on to explain that most of the drivers stopped for speeding were local residents in Clackmannanshire.